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Bleeding Heart, Clematis and Lavender Framed Botanical Cast

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 Bleeding Heart, Clematis and Lavender Framed Botanical Cast

 Save $50 when you purchase this elegant botanical cast. It is presented in a soft black, slightly distressed wooden frame that enhances its beauty and complements all decors. There are only two of these frames left, so be sure to act fast! 

The cast captures the fleeting beauty of the bleeding heart with its dainty heart-shaped flowers dangling delicately from gracefully curving stems. Lavender spikes reach up to the sun, and penstemon peeks out from the side. Underneath this profusion of flowers, the Lady’s Mantle rambles freely

Product Description:

I create my botanical tiles by first developing a clay mold that captures all the delicate details of the flowers I grow in my garden. The finished pieces reveal many tiny details that often are not noticed in real life - the tiny hairs on a stem, the intricate flower stamens and pistils, the tracing of veins on a leaf.

As every tile is handmade, the shade of the plaster may vary slightly. Each one comes ready to hang. 

Medium: Hydrocal, a fine casting plaster that captures every detail;  hand-painted wooden frame 

Framed Dimensions:  15" x 8" x 1 1/5 "