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Sweet & Spicy Collection- Manitoulin Gourmet/ Hawberry Farms


Perfect for back to school morning and afternoon snacks or late night studies. 

This variety collection will be a winner with everyone in your home.

Great toppings for toast, sandwiches, ice cream, cakes, pies, bagels or croissants! Yum!! Spice it up in the evening for late night cramming.

Includes Strawberry Jelly, Maple Apple Jelly, Wild Blueberry Jam, Seedless Raspberry Jelly, PLUS Hootin & Hollerin Habanero sauce for more more daring family members. All natural, all local ingredients from Hawberry Farms.

Habanero generates heat and exotic flavours! Use to spice up any dish. Ingredients: habanero peppers, carrot, vinegar, lime juice, salt.

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