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Grizzly Pounce Jigsaw Puzzle

Grizzly Pounce Jigsaw Puzzle

Grizzly Pounce, from Artist Jenny Stevens. Vibrant colours, incredible detail, make this a puzzle to be enjoyed.

Pieces: 1000
Size: 70x50cm / 28×20″

Free Shipping in Canada and USA

Out of our love for art, PuzzQuest was born. All forms of art; from painting to photography to sculpture to design. Art surrounds us and adds pleasure to our daily lives.

At PuzzQuest, we find the unknown artists, the hidden gems, the creators who despite lack of fame or recognition, are passionate creators just the same, and bring joy to people’s lives through their art. Combined with great art, a passion for high standards and quality, we create amazing puzzles for the world to enjoy.

IT BEGINS WITH THE ARTIST Every puzzle is created from a talented artist discovered from around the world. A percentage of every sale goes directly to the artist to help them continue their great work.

PuzzQuest also supports art charities globally to helping budding new artists flourish. Together we are helping artists all over the world.

QUALITY IN EVERY PIECE The UV oil varnish protective coating on every die-cut 2mm industry-leading thickness piece gives the puzzle a soothing well constructed feel while protecting your finished work from the elements.

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY Using premium quality environment-friendly, recycled paper, handcrafted cutting dies, and proprietary manufacturing processes make for minimal puzzle dust in the box.

Refund Policy

30 Days hassle free.

About Artist Jenny Stevens

On her 14th birthday her parents gave Jenny a brand new Eastman Kodak Brownie.  Though these were humble cameras with no aperture control or focusing abilities, amounting to essentially little more than cardboard boxes with a simple meniscus lens, they made photography accessible to everyone.

The Brownie ignited Jenny’s love of photography and throughout her life and travels she has continued developing her knowledge and skill focusing on landscapes and the natural world.

After retiring in 2003, Jenny travelled by icebreaker through The Northwest Passage to Greenland.  She met the ship’s photographer and he encouraged her to pursue professional wildlife photography.  She took several photography workshops with him from photographing Humpback Whales underwater 100 miles off The Dominican Republic to walking with Polar Bears north of Churchill, Manitoba. 

Jenny found her passion and niche in Wildlife Photography. Jenny feels at peace in the wilderness, but a special spot in her heart is reserved for bears.

PuzzQuest is proud to have Jenny as one of their talented contributing artists.