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Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co | Artfest Ontario

Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co

Sprucewood Brands is a young, proudly Canadian company that evolved from our highly popular 25-year old catering firm.

Mark Pollard, our founder and instigator is also known as “the big cheese”. Mark loves to create and serve a variety of small batch, high quality hors d’oeuvres selections to his corporate and private catering clients.

One of these unique, savoury snacks is our “cocktail cheddar cheese shortbread cookies”!

That’s right. A savory shortbread cookie, sugar free and made with 4-year old Canadian cheddar cheese. They taste cheesy and homemade, with a little zing at the end. Our cookies make happy palates, plain and simple.

For years, many of our catering clients and their guests had to know where they could buy these fabulous delectables. In fact, for a while, Mark was selling this savoury shortbread out of his own back door at home! Demand exceeded all expectations – it still does today!!


Flat rate $12 in Canada

Shipping Turn Around

ONTARIO and QUEBEC is 48 hours.  For the rest of the country, it is 4 days on ground shipping.

Return and Refund Policy

There are no refunds on food products.