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Wind Swept Pine

Wind Swept Pine
Ontario Marble Sculpture
14”H X 8”L X 3”W

This tree is made of Ontario Marble and evokes the classic Georgian Bay pine tree.

Hand carved stonework developed into creative pieces both abstract and figurative. I make bowls, spoons, salad utensils, charcuterie boards, Canadian flags and live edge tables from any kind of wood.

I am a retired dermatologist and moved from Thunder Bay in 2018 with my wife to Springwater Ontario to be closer to our 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I began carving wood and stone 10 years ago looking at the time for a hobby to work on during retirement.

My stonework is mainly with marble, alabaster and soapstone, whereas my woodwork is with any kind of tree that can be found in this area. My work usually begins with power tools to make the rough cuts, but all fine detail is done by hand. My greatest enjoyment is seeing how something as simple as a stick or rock can be manipulated and developed into a work of art. My past time allows me the pleasure of seeing results of hard work and creativity.


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