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Garlic Lovers Sauce Collection


Garlic Lovers Sauce Collection

You will experience gourmet delight with Manitoulin's mouth-watering Garlic Collection. Includes 5 flavours: Black Olive Garlic, Sriracha Chili Garlic, The Original Garlic, Sundried Tomato Garlic, and Jalapeno Garlic. A flavour for every occasion. 170ml each.

Enjoy this delicious and versatile Garlic Sauce collection with steak, lamb, soups, stews, egg dishes, seafood, wraps, and chicken wings. Use in pasta sauces and as a salad dressing. 

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Located on the south shores of Manitoulin Island. Our century old farm produces some of the finest gourmet products in the world. Nestled inside the small town of Spring Bay, we create a fine line of gourmet products which have become well known throughout the years. Be assured that when you buy products from Hawberry Farms, you are buying the best!

So Hawberry Farms is on Manitoulin Island eh?...So where the heck is Manitoulin Island?

Located in the middle of Lake Huron, Manitoulin Island is the largest Freshwater island in the world. It is about 550 kilometers north of Toronto.

Summers are lovely here on the island but the winters are cold!

Many years ago Dad came in from the fields with a shirtfull of wild hawberries, crying to the almighty about this shrub that was taking over the field. Worst of all it was covered in thorns!!!!

(See Below)


He was right ornery, and when Dad gets out! Mom knew she had to do something..and right quick!

Into the kitchen she flew, like the wind she blew around, fast as greased lightning. Pots and kettles, sugar containers, pitchers, and jars. She was a lady with a purpose! This girl had a mission!

Meanwhile, Dad had almost tired himself out complaining to Grandpa about the bushes. Grandpa just nodded like he always did when he really wasn't listening. Finally Dad slipped into a nightmarish slumber, tossing and turning, being chased by red berries and thorns.

Night passed and Dad awoke, he had dreamt about paving the fields over and building one of them box-type shopping malls. Now awake he wondered if it was possible.


"BREAKFAST!" Shouted Mom, obviously exhausted.

Grumbling still he wandered into the a beaten man. Toast he decided....just toast today...

He took up his knife and spread some jelly from the jar onto his toast. As he bit deep into it, an expression of amazement crossed his face. The action in his mouth was greater then the Friday night Square dance at the Orangeman hall. The taste was sweet like sunshine after a rain. His eyes filled with tears of joy over what he had tasted. He grasped his suspenders with both hands and shouted out,

"Moma! What is this glorious jelly"

"That, my dear, is your dreaded Hawberries" smirked Mother.

And the rest is History.

From one jar of Hawberry Jelly to over 220 products sold in fine stores and trade shows across Canada. Hawberry Farms is still going strong, 45 years later and is still owned by the same family.