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Inspirational Artistry Steve Rose Artist | Artfest Ontario

Inspirational Artistry Steve Rose Artist

Meet Artist Steve Rose

Being born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada and having a family cottage in Muskoka has given me the opportunity to experience a wide range of topography, from the stunning views of the Niagara Escarpment to the vast and rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield throughout the Muskoka Region.

I consider myself a self taught artist and became seriously interested in visual art through various forms including Watercolour Painting/Pen & Ink Drawing. Studying Interior Design/Architecture at college and university has given me an eye for detail that allows me to bring my artistic visions to life. Choosing colours for my next Watercolour Painting or using different line drawing techniques to create contours, shading etc. in Pen & Ink are challenges that I eagerly take on.

Muskoka is where I get my inspiration for my artwork. My subjects that I seek are unique and different but always inspired by nature. I most often work with Watercolour, Pen & Ink and Pencil. I love Watercolour for the immediacy and fluidity it involves, but Pen & Ink allows me to indulge in drawing with the attention to detail that I have always loved to do. Watercolour Pencil gives me great control for washes and layering effects. Most often all three media are used to complete the final painting. I carry a camera with me when hiking or on the water and often use the resulting photos as reference.

I am an active member of Visual Arts Mississauga & participate in many art shows in Toronto & the Muskoka Region.

โ€œI want the viewer to connect to what I see whether through a memory or emotion which for me is the ultimate reward.โ€

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