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Rose of Sharon Silk Long Scarf


Rose of Sharon Silk Long Scarf

Wear Art! Individual Rose of Sharon petals with their jewel toned centres accented with the rich orange of Crocosmia.  The Rose of Sharon Long Scarf features an original pressed petal and leaf artwork printed onto beautiful pure silk. The long scarf is a versatile wardrobe accessory and makes an excellent gift for yourself… or someone you love. 10 x 45 inches. Packaged in gift box with artist card and care instructions. Made in Canada. Ships within Canada. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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It begins in the garden, hand picking beautiful flowers and foliage. Flowers are pressed, often petal by petal. Once dry and paper-thin they are ready to be used in a collage. Time and care is given to selecting petals and foliage and re-imagining how they might come together to create beauty. The original works of art are then printed so that the beauty of the garden can be brought into our everyday lives in new ways. Gladden Art and Design offers fine art prints and silk scarves, printed and sewn in Montreal, Canada.