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Garry Revesz | Artfest Ontario

Garry Revesz

Garry’s photography is based on the simple premise that wildlife is critical to maintaining the balance of the ecosystems that we rely on to survive. However, we have done a poor job of protecting wildlife, which is why so many species worldwide are at risk, and critically endangered. Wildlife and Conservation Photography are some of the tools Garry uses to create the awareness that we have to act now. Garry wants to show the beauty in all these living creatures, and that by protecting their
habitat, we are saving our planet and ourselves. Garry’s work is sold as Art Prints (unframed), or printed on canvas or metal, and ready to hang.


 Shipping within Canada is included.

Return Policy

Because there are a number of printing options, the customer will have to contact us to finalize the size and print option they select. We offer a “no hassle” 60 day exchange and/or refund policy.

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    Garry Revesz
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