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Birch Sap Wine

Birch Sap Wine

Here is a little background....
Each Spring, my Dad would collect gallons of birch sap and make wine from it. This wine packed a punch and if you weren't careful, you would wake up in the rhubarb patch with a hangover so bad that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.
So...this paper reminded me of my Dad because he loved birch trees. In turn, the trees reminded me of birch sap wine and the effects.

FYI...this light sculpture has a dimmer switch and could be used as a night light.

Measures 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 12"

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I love unique things and strive to have that come across in my art. So not just any piece of driftwood or root system will do. Scouring shorelines, while fishing and being surrounded by nature, is so exciting for me because I know that my favorite creative outlet has begun another journey. Once home, the pieces are scrubbed and dried. Each piece must be prepared so that it sits properly on a flat surface. Some pieces are destined to become wall sconces while some are more suitable for table top lamps and others, chandeliers.

Reeds and weaving cane become the skeleton of the light sculpture and wrap around or through the wood base. This is the most crucial process since the piece has to be appealing from all sides…I might walk away dissatisfied from a piece and come back a few days later and just know what the missing factor is. The next step is applying the layers of paper that will give the light sculptures their durability. Each piece is applied individually until there are about 10 layers so the finished piece is very sturdy. These light sculptures are time consuming labours of love that may take 5 to 50 hours from start to finish depending on their size and intricacy.

Once complete, the piece is signed and dated to authenticate it’s originality. And the final step is to find a ‘forever home’ for my creation and to hope that it is appreciated for many years.