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Baby Circle's 14K Gold Earrings

Baby Circle's Enhancer Earrings - 14k yellow gold Circles
Available in two styles of pebbled or faceted 14K gold
Baby Circle's are a perfect everyday earring to wear everywhere....anywhere. Great for an understated at-work situation, out for errands, working around the home.....anywhere. Easily jazz them up by layering for special occasions - see sample idea below.
Approximately 14 mm around
We begin with a 2 mm round wire and then sculpt and work it to our pebbled or faceted design. Styled to hang on 3mm thick hoops
Each set will vary slightly as they really are made individually and by hand!


We have created a design standard that is clean and uncluttered and often highlighted by Jake's perfectly fashioned enclosures. Bringing together stunning beauty and easy elegance!  

Almost unheard of these days in the world of fast fashion and mass production Carol and Jake do all their own work - designing, making by hand, stone setting, polishing and marketing. They take great pride in the process of making, taking satisfaction in the workmanship, time and effort to create something of beauty that can be enjoyed and worn for years. A wonderful treasure for your jewellery collection!

These enhancers can be sold with or without our Grace 115mm 14k yellow gold hoops
They can be worn on any hoops that have a diameter of 3 mm or less 

Wonderful alone or layered to add body and pop to your gemstone enhancers!
(See example below)