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Aimee - Sterling Silver and Garnet Gemstone Pendant

Aimee - Sterling Silver and Garnet Gemstone Pendant
Aimee, a garnet beauty named after the French word "Beloved, sits lovingly encased in a perfect circle of sterling silver. With the deep red garnet as its crown, Aimee is a classic and stylish piece fit for a queen!
The garnet is a deep red luxurious gemstone associated specifically with feminine vitality. It is the birthstone for those born in January and the zodiac gem for Aquarians. Those who wear it embrace Garnet’s virtues of passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth.

Folklore knowledge champions the Garnet as the stone of transformation. It is worn as a talisman for courage, guardianship, strength, vigour, wealth and deep healing. Garnet specifically cleanses, purifies and invigorates the blood, heart and lungs. For couples, it deepens commitment and passion. Aimee is the perfect offering for a special love.

Garnet - 8 mm cabochon cut, set in a bezel of two wire circles, 3 cm in length, fixed bail, all sterling silver.
May be purchased with or without the chain - 18" sterling silver 1mm wheat style with lobster clasp.

Devine Gemstones

The beauty and mystery of gemstones have engaged Carol, Jake and Ted Devine (recently passed) of the Devine Fine Jewellery family since the beginning of their careers. “When you are working daily with these precious stones, a deep respect, admiration and curiosity is continuously at play.” Designing the perfect setting to showcase these gems is both challenging and rewarding. 

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