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Ada - Sterling Silver and Gemstone Earrings

Ada -Sterling Silver and Gemstone  Earrings
Options: Hoop Enhancers Only or With Hoops Included
Available in Amethyst, Chalcedony, Garnet, Onyx, Moonstone, Sky Blue Topaz, and Turquoise.
Stunning top quality gemstones in an array of beautiful jewel colours. Great everyday classy earrings or add a touch of elegance for an evening out.
6mm cabochon cut, simple clean bezel setting with dangling 'plumb bob' polished to a high shine. Top to bottom the enhancer measures 2cm Styled to hang on 3mm thick hoops.
These enhancers are sold with or without our Classic sterling hoops
They can be worn on any hoops that have a diameter of 3mm or less
FREE  Shipping
Devine Gemstones

The beauty and mystery of gemstones have engaged Carol, Jake and Ted Devine (recently passed) of the Devine Fine Jewellery family since the beginning of their careers. “When you are working daily with these precious stones, a deep respect, admiration and curiosity is continuously at play.” Designing the perfect setting to showcase these gems is both challenging and rewarding. 


Stories and myths shroud the stunning gemstone amethyst. Perhaps it is the rich violet-purple colour, the dazzle of the crystal quality or the countless stories of its power to stimulate the mind and emotions. But its beauty alone sets it apart within the gemstone family.

Amethyst is the birthstone for those born in February and the zodiac gem for Pisces. It is associated with royalty, protection, clarity, calming and soothing. Its folklore tells us much more and accordingly provides deep cleansing of negative thoughts and promotes overall health for both the body and mind. Whether you wear Ada Amethyst Earrings for their beauty or special qualities, they will be a treasured and memorable jewel in your collection.


Named by the Ancient Greeks, chalcedony is a beautiful soft milky, blue-gray semi-precious gemstone. In folk-lore, chalcedony is renowned for its mysterious healing ability and soothing attributes. It is a nurturing stone that promotes good will and generosity plus known to absorb negative energy, alleviate melancholy and calm nightmares. This elegant subtle stone brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into balanced harmony, making Ada Chalcedony Earrings a perfect and distinct gift for one you love.


Garnet is a deep red luxurious gemstone associated specifically with feminine vitality. It is the birthstone for those born in January and the zodiac gem for Aquarians. Those who wear it embrace Garnet’s virtues of passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth.

Folklore knowledge champions the Garnet as the stone of transformation. It is worn as a talisman for courage, guardianship, strength, vigour, wealth and deep healing. Garnet specifically cleanses, purifies and invigorates the blood, heart and lungs. For couples, it deepens commitment and passion. Ada Garnet Earrings are the perfect offering for a special love.


Known as Moon Magic, this mystifying gem is concealed in a smoky semi-translucent stone and celebrated as the giver of transformational power to its possessor. Moonstone is the birthstone for those born in June and the Zodiac gem for the sign of Cancer, associated with the element of water.
A stone for inspiring new beginnings, Folklore identifies the moonstone for inner growth and strength, while soothing emotions and easing stress. It embraces the elusive feminine power of the moon, harnessing its intuition, love, and good fortune.
The moonstone has been acclaimed to balance hormones, aid with digestion, enhance hair, skin and feminine qualities. Ada Moonstone Earrings applaud the nurturing aspects of the lovely women in our lives. The impeccable gift!


The Black Onyx gemstone channels an array of sentiments ranging from stealth and mystery to strength and power. A deep midnight black shaded stone, it is the birthstone of those born in July and the Zodiac gem of the courageous lion Leo.

The potent Onyx gemstone is favoured in folklore for enhancing strength, confidence and stamina and for health: fortifying bones, teeth and cleansing our blood. Onyx has taken a commanding presence with gemstone healers and enthusiasts.

As a jewel, black onyx makes an alluring and sensuous adornment, reflecting the mysteries of love. Ada Onyx Earrings make the perfect companion to the little black dress for a memorable evening with someone special.

Sky Blue Topaz

The beautiful clarity of gemstone Sky Blue Topaz reminds us of the comforting sun and sky that we can see no matter where we are in this world. The sky-blue topaz, with its rare hue is the birthstone for those born in December and symbolizes the Zodiac sign Sagittarius, claiming the element air and renowned for its intellectual capacity.

The topaz brings the mind, body and spirit into alignment. Folklore tales abound on the power of the topaz gemstone. It is the stone that inspires communication, clarity, clear thinking, nurturing and hope. Ancient Egyptians and Romans related the stone to the Sun God, giver of life; soothing and invigorating.

 For Ada Blue Sky Topaz Earrings, this luxurious stone is a symbol of love and affection and embodies sweetness and elegance. A winning and timeless gift of the sun, capturing the open blue sky and it’s vastness for your loved ones.


Since the days of the ancient Egyptians, turquoise has been in great demand. Turquoise was one of the first gemstones ever mined, perhaps dating back to 6,000 B.C., embellishing Kings and Queens and now us, with its decorative beauty.

Indigenous peoples have long honoured its value and splendor, incorporating it into their jewellery and ceremonial regalia.

However, it is also a favorite to wear with summer outfits and sundresses! Turquoise is the birthstone for those born in December and is particularly empowering for the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Stories and folklore tell us that the power of turquoise stimulates empathy, peace and kindness, creativity and calmness. It is valued as an all-round versatile healing stone.

Ada, whose name's origin means nobility, is a bright star and favorite in this collection. Ada Turquoise Earrings add a timeless piece to your jewellery collection, making an outstanding gift for yourself or someone special in your friendship circle.