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Climbing Vine

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Climbing Vine

Made with joy the Climbing Vine is made with fine merino wool with silk, viscose and wool locks as a fringe. It is soft to the touch and lightly warm making it perfect for cooler evenings. It has irregular and slightly ruffled edges enhances the organic design. The leaves are entwined in silk / viscose fibres to represent growth. The inside is deep maroon matching the main design. It is 55 by 14.5 inches and wool lock fringes add approximately 5 inches at either end.

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My work is created from the wet felting techniques which uses water, soap and lots of agitation of wool roving. I strive to create artistic pieces either as wearable items or fibre artwork. I explore dynamic designs with an emphasis on rich colours. Felting has an incredible ability to have unique visual textures particularly when fine silk fibres are layered on the surface of the wool. The effect of silk fibres will dramatize colours, transparencies and give stunning highlights. I use high quality merino wool and alpaca which gives wearable items an incredible next to skin softness. These natural fibres are known for their warmth. I create warm soft wraps and also lighter flowing pieces by using the nuno felting techniques. Nuno felting uses silk gauze as a base upon which wool and silk fibres are layered very thinly to achieve a wonderful drape. My larger pieces can be worn as wraps or hung as a wall hanging or a window display.