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Courtesan #5


Courtesan #5

Acrylic on canvas

Courtesan, in modern usage, is a euphemism for a prostitute, particularly one with wealthy, powerful, or influential clients. The term historically referred to a courtier, a person who attended the court of a monarch or other powerful person, 36 x 47

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Alvaro Ortiz Quiroz, known as Artiz, Alvaro is an artist who defines himself within of contemporary impressionist art . His singular work with acrylic colors with brush and spatula makes in each piece a unique object. Artiz’ work has approached a variety of themes such as the human figure, animal’s vulnerability, and most recently the close interaction between nature of the human being and his soul. He desires to bring the inner spirit of the observer into the world that surrounds him, as well as serve as platform for relationship-building between the day-to-day world and the spheres of thought, feeling and will. Throughout his work process, it is capable of easily blending random and unexpected color, leveraging maximum expression on faces while marking traces of nature.